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Café Olimpico Open Da Night

Lus July 19, 2010 3

Café Olimpico Open All Da Time Ok now let me just start by saying this, Café Olimpico has been around for 30 plus years in Montréal . That means that the atmosphere is whatever

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Forget the Architecture, Come for the Great Food

Michel July 9, 2010 1

You'd be forgiven for having walked past this gem in Montreal's Chinatown, but now the word is out.

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Les Enfants Terribles: A Terrible Disappointment

admin June 9, 2010 2

Les Enfants Terribles: Beautifully Wrapped Disappointment Type of Cuisine: French cuisine, Comfort Food, Grill Where Did You Have It: On Bernard Street, Outremont, Montreal, Canada Rate from 1 to 10: Probably a 6.5 out

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Falafel Freiha: One Menu Item

Lus May 10, 2010 1

Type of Cuisine:  Falafel (pronounced falāfil is from the Middle East) it is a fried ball or patty usually made from ground chickpeas. Falafel is usually served in a pita, or wrapped in a

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The Star of Quebec: Celine Dion Poutine

Lus March 29, 2010 12

Poutine: The Perfect Hangover Cure Type of Cuisine: French Quebec a.k.a. Québecois Where did you have it: Québec, but to my surprise when I was younger I also had it at Jay Peak Sky

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Montreal’s First Australian Restaurant

Boots March 23, 2010 7

Hey Montrealers, there's more to Australian food than Vegemite. Don't believe us? There's now an Aussie restaurant in your neck of the woods that can prove it.

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