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4 Scary Food News Headlines!

Lus August 2, 2010 1

Clone Cow Milk Claim Investigated MEPs recently voted in favour of a ban on cloned meat and products in the European food supply… Reports that milk from a cloned cow’s offspring is on sale

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Burger News

Boots July 17, 2010 2

Look out Belle Pro...there will soon be a new guy, or five, in town.

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Bullshit: Fast Food

Salvatore June 30, 2010 0

Penn and Teller take on everyone's favorite whipping boy: fast food!

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The Future of Soda Fountains?

Salvatore May 18, 2010 2

The traditional soda fountain gets a modern facelift. Take a look.

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In the News

Salvatore April 29, 2010 0

Here’s a quick round-up of the some of the tastiest odds and ends that have caught our attention this week. Please enjoy responsibly. Evidently, even the thought of fast food can have an effect

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This Just In: WTF?

Salvatore April 19, 2010 1

Insurance companies are making money the good old fashioned way: by getting you fat.

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Odds and Ends

Salvatore April 15, 2010 0

News, get yer news. Step inside for some of our more interesting finds this week.

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The New Ketchup Packet

Salvatore February 11, 2010 2

New Heinz Ketchup Packets Bitches! Why it’s awesome/newsworthy: For the first time in 40 years, Heinz has offered a redesigned ketchup packet that lets you squeeze or dip (or both). The new design has

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McAging Gracefully

Lus February 6, 2010 2

Type of Cuisine: McDonald’s is in a category all its own. Especially now with the following being made public. Where did you have it: McDonald’s is pretty much everywhere; it’s all seeing and all

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