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Zesty Orange Chicken and Rice

admin May 12, 2010 4

Zesty Orange Chicken and Rice History: Orange chicken is an American Chinese dish that seems to be inspired from Hunan cuisine, one of the eight regional cuisines found in China. It is widely popular

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Garlic Chicken Stir Fry

admin May 7, 2010 0

Garlic Chicken Stir Fry History: Stir-fried dishes became popular during the Tang dynasty. It was invented out of necessity, in order to conserve expensive and scarce fuel. My personal history starts at our local

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Roast Chicken: Quick, Easy, Delicious & Healthy!

Lus April 8, 2010 1

Type of Cuisine: As far back as I can remember roasted chicken and potatoes has been a staple in our menu at home. The main reasons are because it’s easy, it’s healthy and gosh

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Breakfast Week: Waffles Are Just Awesome

Lus March 10, 2010 1

History: The modern waffle has its origins in the wafers—very light thin crisp cakes baked between wafer irons—of the Middle Ages. Wafer irons are identical to waffle irons except in the deepness of the

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Sonny’s Famous Hogies

Salvatore January 27, 2010 3

Looking for an alternative to the boardwalk fare in Hollywood Beach? Sonny's Famous Hogies awaits.

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