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Steak Station Thermometer

Steak Station Thermometer

admin September 10, 2010 0

Mom Likes Her Steak Well Done, And You, Rare? Help Is On It’s Way Why Is It Cool: The Charcoal Companion Steak Station 4-Probe Steak Thermometer helps you keep track of up to four

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Star Wars Aprons

Salvatore July 27, 2010 2

Attention Star Wars fans, your new apron has arrived.

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Summer Cooking Safety Tips

admin July 18, 2010 0

BBQ or Picnic: In The Summer It Could be Hazardous Growing up, my parents lived in a country where cooking outdoors in the heat was common place. They barbecued on a daily basis and

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Steaks: The Right Cut for You

admin June 25, 2010 3

What Steak Is Right for Your Summer BBQs Grill-worthy steaks, and how to serve them. 1. Skirt Boneless cut from the plate and flank. Though it can be tough, the long, flat cut is

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Sigmafocus: The Wall Mounted Charcoal BBQ Grill

Lus June 12, 2010 4

SigmaFocus: The Perfect Apartment BBQ A compact alternative to the traditional barbecue, the sigmafocus attaches to a point on any wall, flips out to cook and folds away afterward. It comes with a stainless

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First BBQ Of the Summer

admin June 4, 2010 6

Barbecued Mediterranean Stripped Bass, Blue Marlin and Octopus Montreal is officially in summer mode. The terraces are packed with people, the swimming pools are ready for kids to finish school and the ladies are

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Flexible Cordless Stainless Steel Grill Light

admin May 28, 2010 0

Flexible Cordless Stainless Steel Grill Light Why is it Cool: This grill light easily clamps down to almost any surface and has an 18″ flexible neck. It has four powerful LED bulbs that last

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Mechoui: Milk Fed Piglet A.K.A. Porcelait

Lus April 1, 2010 4

Type of Cuisine: Mechoui. Mechoui is an Arabic word meaning “roasted on an open fire”. Where did you have it: Home, roasted on the BBQ on a SPIT that attaches to the BBQ. Most

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Smokey’s on Your Tail!

Lus February 13, 2010 3

Yes that's a real bonafide smoker, in the shape of a pistol no doubt. That's the American way after all!

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