The Banned Sodastream Super Bowl Commercial

Salvatore February 5, 2013 0
The Banned Sodastream Super Bowl Commercial

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We’ve written about Sodastream in the past, but it seems the DIY soda maker is now breaking through to a larger audience thanks to the Super Bowl. The extra attention is not, however, a result of the ad they aired during the game. It’s because of an ad that was banned.

Evidently, the commercial, which features bottles of Coke and Pepsi exploding, made CBS uncomfortable. The reason? The soft drink giants are both Super Bowl sponsors and two of the network’s biggest advertisers.

Here’s the ad, which unsurprisingly, has gone viral online:

And here’s the ad that aired instead:

It’s worth noting that similar ads for the brand have been banned in the UK for denigrating “the bottled drinks market.” Clearly, the long arm of big sugar is quite powerful.

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