Modern Toilet: “Shitty” Restaurants in Taiwan

Salvatore December 6, 2012 0
Modern Toilet: “Shitty” Restaurants in Taiwan

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Given how digestion (and defecation) are all tied into what we eat, it seems somewhat logical to bring that symbiotic relationship out to the forefront. Right? Er, maybe. Taiwan’s Modern Toilet has done just that, giving their restaurants a bathroom theme (complete with toilet seats and miniatures thrones serving as dishes).

Modern Toilet Table

According to the company site, the people behind Modern Toilet are a group of “muckrakers” who are following their dreams. This might qualify as a nightmare for a lot of people, but I digress…the chain started as a humorous twist on the traditional ice cream shop. It has since developed into a number of themed restaurants.

Check it out:

Modern Toilet Ice Cream

Modern Toilet Hot Pot

Modern Toilet Dinner

The chain was also recently profiled on the Travel Channel video:

The chain promises “a greater range of washroom facilities” in the future. Is this to be taken literally? Or are they describing new dishes? Your guess is as good as mine…

What do you think? Have you tried Modern Toilet? Would you?

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