The Death of (American) Twinkies?

Salvatore November 16, 2012 0
The Death of (American) Twinkies?

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Hostess Brands Inc, maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, is seeking court permission to go out of business. The company, which has filed for bankruptcy a couple of times already, had tried to get wage and benefit cuts from striking bakery workers.

The 82-year-old company will now be liquidated, putting 18,500 employees out of work. Hostess has been on its death bed for awhile now, so maybe it’s not too surprising. Apart from layoffs, the company will also start selling its assets to the highest bidders.

It might be callous to talk about unavailable products given the loss of so many jobs, but this news also may mean the end of Twinkies, at least in the Unite States. Interestingly, Canadian company Saputo has rights to the Hostess brand, but this evidently does not include Twinkies. This could, however, be an opportunity for the Montreal-based cheese maker to expand its snack options.

Maybe this will lead to a whole new era of bootleggers, smuggling Twinkies across the border. If this sounds like the kind of career you’d be interested in, check out this video we found a while back on how to clone Twinkies.

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