The End of Coffee?

Salvatore November 12, 2012 0
The End of Coffee?

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Well, as if deadly storms, hurricanes and tsunamis weren’t enough to worry you about the world, a new study is claiming that climate change may force the extinction of coffee beans by 2080 (if there’s any bright side to this, it’s that I’ll be long gone. Hallelujah!).

The study, put together by UK and Ethiopian researchers, claims that environmental changes will effectively wipe up the Arabica plants, which go into 70% of the world’s coffee (the rest comes mainly from Robusta beans). The study believes that continued climate change would make land unsuitable for the plants, which are extremely vulnerable to temperature, pests and diseases. The researchers are actually saying the beans have a “high risk of extinction,” with the best-case scenario predicting a 38% reduction in Ababica-yielding land by 2080. Worst case is just depressing (90-100%).

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