NYC Restaurant Launches Instagram Menu

Salvatore October 17, 2012 0
NYC Restaurant Launches Instagram Menu

Sharing is Caring...

I think we’ve all seen the scene: plates arrive and everyone at the table reaches for their phone to take a pic. Clearly, there are some societal issues involved here with regards to sharing and self-absorption, but fuck it, sometimes a dish is like a work of art, and you just want to take a picture. NYC-based Comodo is embracing this, with an instagram menu.

Check it out:

Close to 60 user-submitted instagram photos are currently gathered under the #comodomenu hashtag, letting diners see the dishes in different lighting conditions. The restaurant is hoping that this will help customers make better choices, but they’re also hoping for more interactivity: customers are going to be encouraged to add to the menu, sharing comments about the food along the way. This raises a lot of potential opportunities for things like customer satisfaction, acting like a kind of suggestion box (provided the resto involved will listen to comments).

What do you think? Cool idea or more hipster bullshit?

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