Oreo Pride

Salvatore June 27, 2012 0

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I used to teach English as a second language. When I was getting certified, I was told to never bring up politics or religion in class discussions. The same thing is probably true for corporations and marketing. Case in point, check out the pic Oreo posted on their Facebook page a couple of nights ago:

Oreo Pride

It didn’t take long for the homophobes of the world to weigh in. Check out some of these comments:

Oreo Comments

Oreo Facebook Comments

I wish these people would really stand behind their bigoted views. I mean it’s one thing to boycott a cookie, but why not boycott Apple or Google too (both of which have stood up for gay rights)?

This comes on the heels of Oreo’s faux breastfeeding ad, which would lead one to think that the 100-year old cookie may be way more progressive than you’d imagine. I’m going to go buy some now.

What do you think about all this?

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