The Great BonoGrão Ad Campaign

Salvatore June 20, 2012 0

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We’ve seen a wide variety of food ads, from Oreo’s faux breastfeeding campaign to Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee spots (not to mention Pizza Boomerang), and while we appreciate absurdism and humor, subtlety also goes a long way.

Case in point: ad agency Y&R Brazil have come up with this visual campaign for BonoGrão. It took a minute for the it to sink in, but I think it’s great.

The tagline, which really ties everything together, is: “Keep the distance. Café BonoGrão. Strong Brazilian Coffee.”

Check it out:

BonoGrao Luchadores

BonoGrao Old Man

BonoGrao Prince Charming

What do you think?

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