City of Montreal Announces Street Food Study

Salvatore June 13, 2012 0

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Montreal is a lot of things, but what it isn’t, is particularly open to the idea of street food. As any foodie will tell you, this is a goddamned shame. From NYC’s hot dogs and Asia’s caravan of street fare to the multitude of food trucks wowing people across North America, there’s a lot to be said for grub you can buy on the run.

For whatever reason, the city has banned food trucks (I’ve heard mention that it has to do with propane tanks – “Bah!” is all I can say), which has stifled a lot of food creativity born on the streets (necessity is the mother of all invention after all). Well it looks that this might change.

In an announcement today, the city of Montreal claims it “will study” the idea of having street vendors, with new rules coming out by the fall. It will also look into what kind of vendors will be allowed to operate. Currently, street food vendors are only allowed on city land during special occasions and festivals.

Opposition party Vision Montreal, meanwhile, plans to table a motion to introduce citywide regulations about street food, including whether it should be limited to “health foods”. Expect bickering. Still the fact that they’re willing to talk about this at all is a good sign for any of us looking to grab a quality snack or meal on the run.

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