Mini Burger Assembly Kit (Japan FTW or WTF?)

Salvatore May 2, 2012 0

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More than ever, I’m convinced that Japan is the best place on earth. Where else can you pay (258 yen or roughly $3) for the “pleasure” of assembling a mini burger combo out of pastes and powders?

We’ve written about the Happy Kitchen Candy Hamburgers before, but here’s a video of them being assembled.

What amazes me here is the sheer patience involved. There’s no way I would be capable of completing this:

The burger and fries are completely edible by the way, and according to the person assembling it, they:

  • Contain no artificial colours or preservatives
  • Use pork and chicken ingredients
  • Are 96 calories
  • Taste like real hamburger, bread, cheese, ketchup, french fries and cola

Apparently, it was delicious. What do you think?

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