Breakfast In Pasadena at Russell’s Diner

Lus March 5, 2012 0

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Great Breakfast in Pasadena California at Russell’s

Type of Cuisine: Diner style cuisine

Russell's Diner Solid Breakfast

Russell's Diner Solid Breakfast

Where did you have it: Pasadena California

How much?: $40 for 3 of us…so approx 10-15$ a head including tax and tip

Rate it 1 to 10 : Solid 8 on 10

While on a recent trip to California visiting a friend…gathering a group of guys for a road trip to Las Vegas…we stayed a couple of days in Pasadena…while we were there we had the pleasure of eating a few choice restaurants…Russell’s was one of those restaurants…we had breakfast and it was very solid…simple but delicious…we had a variety of eggs, omeletes etc…although eggs are usually hard to screw up, poached eggs are another matter altogether and mine came out perfectly…all in all I’m only disappointed that we didn’t get to go back to try the burgers and variety of other meals that look very appetizing that this local restaurant/diner that’s been around since 1930…whenever in Pasadena be sure to check out this local landmark.



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