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Salvatore February 15, 2012 0

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If there’s anything I like more than eating and cooking, it’s reading about food and all its spin off industries, discoveries and issues.

Food News

Here are some recent food articles that we enjoyed:

Chipotle Is Apple

Slate makes the case that the burrito chain is revolutionizing food and turning into a fast food version of Apple. The question, however, is why it doesn’t get more respect?

The Subway Falafel Sandwich and the Americanization of Ethnic Food
Good Lifestyle takes a peak at the arrival of the Falafel into Subway stores, and explores the acceptance of ethnic foods into the American mainstream.

Fracking Could Ruin New York’s Organic Food Industry
The ever vigilant Tree Hugger reports that fracking could affect hundreds of farms in New York. Can it destroy that stat’s organic food industry?

What Happens In Your Body When You Eat Ramen And Gatorade
A video from TEDxManhattan 2011 Fellow Stefani Bardin shows what happens in your body when you eat processed foods, and what happens when you eat homemade versions of similar foods. Try to watch this on an empty stomach…

Any other cool food-related stories we missed? Let us know. Sharing is caring!

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