Cupcakes in Montreal…Where To Go?

Lus November 26, 2011 1

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Cupcakes in Montreal…Where To Go?

So recently at the Jura media event we discovered something…not coffee machines…not coffee…but cupcakes….that’s right….I know that was obvious….but still….I’m writing about it….so it has to be some kind of meaningful doesn’t it?

…Yes…it does…

Type of Cuisine: Cupcakes…..cake in a cup

Where did you have it: Jura Media event, but they were catered by Shi Shi Desserts not so good website (the photos redeem it)….delicious cupcakes!

Shi Shi Desserts

Shi Shi Desserts

How much?: Well the pricing scheme doesn’t really work to be honest…good thing they’re good at making cupcakes, just hope they have a good or decent accountant….

1 Regular Size Cupcake $2.50

6 Regular Size Cupcakes $16 (comes out to $2.67 per cupcake)

12 Regular Size Cupcakes $32 (again comes out to $2.67 per cupcake)

Side bar: Why wouldn’t I just order 1 regular cupcake 6 or 12 times instead of ordering the dozen or half dozen? Ever heard of cheaper by the dozen? This is not how bakeries are supposed to operate by the way….no logic here.

1 Mini Cupcake $1.60 (really? that extra $0.10?)

6 Mini Cupcakes $9 ($1.50…here we go…something’s starting to make sense)

12 Mini Cupcakes $18 ($1.50…again…logical…thank you)

24 Mini Cupcakes $36 ($1.50…logical…and thank you again)

Shi Shi Desserts Price List

Shi Shi Desserts Price List

Rate it 1 to 10 : These cupcakes (we had the mini variety) melted in your mouth and had a burst of gooeyness in the middle that was like a lava cake or chocolate fondant….it was incredible…..I wanted to eat the whole plate…..but alas I only had 1… made my night…..that and the personal coffee tasting with one of the Jura employees who shall remain nameless….:) Merci!

Final Verdict……..if you’re looking for great cupcakes go check this place out SHI SHI DESSERTS at 7700 St. Hubert street in Montreal….also….I would negotiate on the pricing :) LOL! But then again, I always do!

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  1. Vanessa November 26, 2011 at 2:02 pm -

    Hi, Thanks for the review! Just a little response, the pricing of the cupcakes are $3.00 for regular size, therefore the price does indeed go down when you purchase 6 or more ;). The ones at $2.50 are just the red velvet, basic chocolate or basic vanilla, which reduce down to $2.35 per cupcake when buying 6 or more. Hope that clears things up!

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