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Village Grec: Dependable (fast) Greek Food in Montreal

How about a little secret? We got a thing for low down, fast and sloppy Greek food. The more our breath reeks like the unnatural love child of an onion mating with a massive clove of garlic, the happier we are. We’re therefore very pleased to write about one of our old-time mainstays: Village Grec (Jean-Talon).

Yes, this is a chain restaurant. Before you look down at us, though, keep in mind that each owner of this chain is free to run things their own way, and the folks at the Jean-Talon establishment have been keeping it real for years. Sure, the atmosphere in there isn’t exactly haute cuisine (there’s nothing like watching a large TV displaying pictures from inside and outside the very restaurant you’re sitting in), but the food is honest, tasty and affordable. What’s to dislike?

If you like Gyros (and in a world without heroes…sorry, I’ll just stop that before it gets out of hand), Village Grec is a good bet. The gyros here are satisfying in the way only fast-foodish Greek can be: delicious, tender, juicy and just a bit greasy. The grease level is important, since it subconsciously tells you that you’re having good times, but doesn’t kickstart that guilt receptor buried deep in your mind. Solid

Gyros at Village Grec

If you’re in the mood to be a fat bastard (and who isn’t in that mood every now and again?) then you can always get a platter. These come with fries, rice and a salad, which despite being a welcome respite from the grilled meat on display, is always a bit underwhelming. In any case, it’s a big, beautifully sloppy meal.

Chicken Pita Platter at Village Grec

If you happen to find yourself lost in Parc Ex (perhaps looking for some remnant of its Greek past), you can do a lot worse than sitting down for a meal at Village Grec. Check it out.

Village Grec’s psychedelic website

564, Jean-Talon Ouest, Montreal, Quebec
(514) 274-4371
p.s. They deliver

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