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Le Sesflo from the Frutiger Family

Recently I was lucky enough to visit a city I may never have visited as a tourist….Geneva, Switzerland.

I was there for a just a short period of 4 days but it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless. The city is quite beautiful and the architecture is impressive. It reminds me a lot of the old part/port of Montreal also known as Old Montreal….where the buildings are built with impressive large stone facades, except this is an entire city built this way. Unaffordable by normal standards, it is a sight to see.

I was fortunate enough to visit many good restaurants, I didn’t eat a single bad meal while I was there….also to note….the meals were always very expensive by my standards….

Le Sesflo in Geneva Switzerland

Le Sesflo in Geneva Switzerland

The first place I had the pleasure of visiting was this little restaurant called Le Sesflo….and it was delicious….the food was incredible….the portions were ample for a European city and you did not leave feeling like you might stop for a snack on the way back to the hotel….

This restaurant is owned by the Frutiger Family which owns several restaurants by the looks of it….

Sesflo Entree: Bocconcini & Grilled Zucchini

Sesflo Entree: Bocconcini & Grilled Zucchini

Type of Cuisine: Italian

Where did you have it: Geneva, Switzerland

How much?: Approximately 100 Swiss Francs per person

Rate it 1 to 10 : Food was a definite 10 out of 10, from the simple mozzarella di buffalo caprese salada, to the osso bucco main with risotto and then for the finale…panna cotta in apricot, strawberry & apricot flavour…totally amazing.

Sesflo Dessert Pannacotta, Geneva, Switzerland

Sesflo Dessert Pannacotta, Geneva, Switzerland

Now I do have to say that the service was a little lack lustre for what you would expect in a restaurant in this category. Maybe because we were seated in a nook in the corner of a restaurant, but there’s really no excuse…at this level of cuisine and price range…someone should be hovering at all times.

Also to note the adjacent kitchen with windows where the service staff could easily see the table…again…no excuse.

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