Chocolate Benefits On Body and Mind

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Chocolate Benefits On Body and Mind


Helps the body process nitric oxide. Nitrci Oxide is critical for healthy blood flow and blood pressure. Studies have also shown that flavonols in cocoa prevent fat-like substances in the bloodstream from oxidizing and clogging the arteries, and make blood platelets less likely to stick together and cause clots. This is where the term Antioxidant comes from.

Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans

Dark chocolate

Is higher in flavonoids than milk chocolate. This is probably due to the fact that dark chocolate is higher in cocoa content than milk chocolate. Milk chocolate usually contains milk products and sugar.

Nitric Oxide

Plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

Indigenous residents of areas where cocoa beans and pods grown rarely develop high blood pressure. Reason is thought to be a cocoa rich diet. Cocoa beans are included each day in many recipes.

Raw Cacao Powder

Raw Cacao Powder

Promotes Blood Flow

Flavonol-rich cocoa and chocolate promote healthy blood flow. Reducing the blood’s ability to clot also reduces the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Chocolate’s Benefits?

There are arguably several bioactive compounds in chocolate that promote alertness, well-being and reduce pain.

Chocolate gives you an energy boost, reduces anxiety, and reduces pain…who wouldn’t recommend something that did all that?

Chocolate has the ability to trigger the brain’s natural opiates. This means when you’re feeling depressed, eat a little chocolate instead of reaching for that syringe 😉 and you’ll start to feel better without having to destroy your whole life and create a dependency for an illicit substance.

Chocolate Hot Tub

Chocolate Hot Tub

Antioxidant Power

Studies show that cocoa powder, dark chocolate and milk chocolate have higher Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) values than many common foods, such as prunes and blueberries. ORAC values basically measure how powerful an antioxidant substance is.

An antioxidant is a substance that inhibits oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen and peroxides, and that include many held to protect the living body from the deleterious effects of free radicals.

Dark chocolate contains more than 13,000 ORAC units and milk chocolate has about half 6,700. Unsweetened powdered cocoa starts out with almost twice as much antioxidants as dark chocolate, but when it’s diluted with water or milk and sugar to make hot chocolate.

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who eat chocolate and sweets up to three times each month live almost a year longer than those who eat too much or those who steer clear of junk altogether.

So there you have it, just a few benefits that Cocoa has on the body and mind.

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    So chocolate does help when you’re down…I think I feel it triggering my brain’s natural opiates.
    Which is good ’cause illicit substances…not for me…

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