Disappointing Restaurant Experience…WTF?

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Disappointing Restaurant Experiences…WTF?

Type of Restaurant?

Italian…this makes me even more sad, because there were only 2 Italian restaurants that I normally/habitually frequented, this one had recently been added to the list of 1 and now it’s been removed…what a downer…

How much did it cost?

We had 2 pizzas, an appetizer of meatballs which consists of just 2 meatballs and a half liter of red house wine. Total came out to $52 tip not included.

Restaurant Rating :

I’ve been 3 times, the first time I went with a friend of mine who knows the owner, the second time I went with Penny and another friend…both of those experiences were excellent…so excellent in fact I had been craving the huge delicious jumbo NY style pizza with quality toppings…so I decided I’d succumb to my cravings…that’s where it all started going downhill…let’s just say it left a LOT to be desired….the service was a poor effort at best and let me explain a few of the foibles that accumulated throughout the experience.

We arrived and asked to be seated outside…being that the restaurant was quiet and we were just two we figured there would be no problem…DENIED…no I’m sorry we can’t seat you outside it’s too late, it was 9:30 pm…ok not a real big deal, we are so hungry at this point that it’s a non-issue…

Please keep in mind at this point all tables in the restaurant have not only been served but have already eaten and are basically just lingering around…So we are seated at table for two, and brought menus…the service starts off slow…10 minutes for the order…


We ask for the Jumbo (and by jumbo I just mean large) as they have had two sizes. Small and Large. A large would easily feed 3-4 people but that’s what we go for….so we are explained that on Fridays and Saturday the restaurant does not make Jumbo (large) pizzas for dining IN…but only for take out…wait…what!?


So we say ok, bring us two smalls, the waiter could have informed us at this point that, that’s way too much pizza…but no he just takes the order, 1 x pancetta and 1 x quattro formaggi….and an appetizer of meatballs pls….thank you.

He comes back to clarify the order and we confirm. Then comes back with our “amuse bouche”, a plate of olives, marinated eggplants and hot peppers offered by the restaurant with some foccaccia to keep your hunger at bay while the food is being prepared…

Keep in mind we are both exhausted from a hellish week, Penny is working through a hangover from a friend’s bday the previous night…

So I fork out a piece of marinated eggplant, Penny grabs an olive….I turn back to look at the plate….I feel like time has stopped and I’m wondering…what the hell just happened…the plate has about half a dozen consumed olive pits sitting on it…so I look at Penny and say…did you just eat all of those olives? No, she replies…I look closer….there’s a slice of cheese with teeth marks….


Finally our meatballs arrive, and we asked for some grated cheese and at first we were denied but only due to miscommunication…once this was clarified the parmesan floweth…the meatballs…delicious as usual…YAY there is light at the end of this tunnel!

Now it’s pizza time….our pizzas arrive…. 1 x pancetta, which all of a sudden had fresh cherry tomatoes and red onions on it? Not that I don’t like these ingredients but the first two times I had this pizza these were not the toppings, and also to note is the spartan distribution of pancetta…really…3 pieces of pancetta does not a “Pancetta” pizza make.

Next was the second pizza we ordered, 1 x quattro formaggi quattro staggione…yes they screwed up our order…which is not the end of the world but aside from having “quattro” in the name…these two pizzas have nothing  in common…one has a selection of 4 delicious cheeses, the latter has black olives (blech), salami, marinated artichoke hearts and mushrooms…yeah I was about to mention it to the waiter but then Penny stopped me…”it’s not worth it, we’re not coming back here anyway”…in that one sentence and one instance she already knew…


Being both from restaurant and service backrounds, we may often be very critical, but when something is executed properly and consistently we are the first to applaud and give kudos to the restaurant and the staff…sadly this was not one of those occasions…

Sorry my little family run neighbourhood Italian pizza joint that I’ve been spreading the word about…we’re not coming back and if we do it’s for the large take out pizza that we miss so much…just to give it one last chance…

Our final and conclusive thought was that too many restaurants open, make something good, change because they think they need to and through that change, lack consistency…it takes a long time to build a restaurant’s reputation but it takes nothing to throw it away… :(

Great restaurant…well it was once…I hope it finds its way once again.

Wow quite a rant there…sorry about that!

Tells us about YOUR dissappointing restaurant experiences!

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