Glass Storage Containers With Snap On Lids

Lus August 8, 2011 1

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Why is it cool: The lids on these pieces of tupper ware (I know it’s not really tupper ware) snap on so tightly and securely you can easily transport soup in your briefcase or work bag without worrying about spillage. The seals are rubber and the lid snaps on at all four edges.

Where can I get one: I got a set at Cotsco, they were very inexpensive, and have been great so far, only issue is they get stolen at work, because the office lunch thief doesn’t think it’s enough to steal your lunch but your glass tupper ware too.

Glass Airtight Containers

Glass Airtight Containers

How much? A set of 18 pcs can run about $35-$40, for a product made of glass, and quality lids, this is nowhere near expensive.

Worthy / Not Worthy: This is a solid product and tool to carry and store leftovers in, definitely worthy.

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  1. Carl August 17, 2011 at 2:23 pm -

    This is a great product. Being glass you can run it thorough the dishwasher without worry. My wife saw them at Costco, but she is waiting to see if she wins them in a contest before she buys them.

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