Salad Tossing Made Easy With Salad Spinners ;)

Lus July 18, 2011 0

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Oh She’s A Spinner Alright…Yes I’m Immature

Why is it cool: Salad spinners are cool because they are a quick, easy and efficient way to drain water from freshly washed lettuce and other veggies. I used my salad spinner last week for radishes and it works perfectly, with a slightly cooler effect because they don’t get pushed to the outside of the basket.

Where can I get one: Just about any kitchen or cooking supply store.

How much? Anywhere from $10 to $50 if you go to the top range. For $20 to $30 you should have something very solid though.

Worthy / Not Worthy: Best thing since sliced bread is spun salad, I don’t know how long these things have been around but they are incredibly useful tools, way better than just patting them try with paper or cloth towels.

This Cool Salad Spinner is Collapsible

This Cool Salad Spinner is Collapsible

Salad Tosser Tip Of The Day: After washing, keep lettuce wrapped in cloth towels inside a plastic bag in your vegetable crisper keeps it crisp and fresh for days on end.

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