Montreal Street Meat Yay or Nay?

Lus July 9, 2011 2

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What’s The Deal With Airplane Peanuts Street Meat in Montreal?

The truth is we don’t really know but we’re being denied the privilege of being able to enjoy any…welcome Grumman ’78. I first heard of them when I had the pleasure of enjoying a solid meal of burger & fries with Salvatore at Nouveau Palais on the corner of Bernard Street corner Park Avenue in Montreal. I picked up their business card on the way out because I figured it’s on the counter of this place there must be a reason, there isn’t much on the counter on your way out by the way. I slipped the card in my pocket and forgot about it…I know it’s bad but the reality is that this is what happens…some weeks later…I wanna say 4-6 weeks later, I read an article about them in a free local paper…and I have to say it put a smile on my face to see that someone’s forging ahead with this whole food truck business in the 514. Nice to know that this is indeed possible.

Grumman '78  Taco Truck

Grumman '78 Taco Truck

I hope to see the kind of thing that’s happening in NYC and L.A. with gourmet trucks roaming around and making tons of pedestrians very happy. Gourmet? Oh yes I forgot to mention that it looks like  2 out of 3 of the owners / operator partnership have worked in the restaurant business in Montreal at such acclaimed eateries as  Toqué, Au Pied de Cochon, L’Express and McKiernan’s. Really so Taco’s now? Yes, the answer is yes. Also I’m quite excited now that I know I can find them every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from midnight til 3 am at Nouveau Palais (281 Bernard West, corner Parc).

All that to say, I hope this catches on and the face of Montreal streets and street corners start to change for all of us Food Lovers out there :)

Keep On Truckin’ !


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    I got to catch these guys.

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