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Nice, Sweet Melons Watermelons….

Heidi Montag...yep that's a good size...

Heidi Montag...yep that's a good size...

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is a vine-like flowering plant originally from southern Africa. Its fruit, which is known as a watermelon is a special kind of fruit known by botanists as a pepo, a berry which has a thick rind and fleshy center.

In Japan (of course), farmers of the Zentsuji region found a way to grow cubic watermelons, by growing the fruits in glass boxes and letting them naturally assume the shape of the receptacle. The square shape is designed to make the melons easier to stack and store, but the square watermelons are often more than double the price of normal ones. Pyramid shaped watermelons have also been developed and any polyhedral shape may potentially also be used.

There are more than 1200 varieties of watermelon ranging in size from less than a pound, to more than two hundred pounds, with flesh that is red, orange, yellow or white.

Several notable varieties are:

  • Carolina Cross: It has green skin, red flesh and commonly produces fruit between 65 and 150 pounds (29 and 68 kg). It takes about 90 days from planting to harvest.
  • Yellow Crimson Watermelon: It has a yellow colored flesh and has been described as “sweeter” and more “honey” flavored than the more popular red flesh watermelon.
  • Orangeglo: It has a very sweet orange pulp, and is a large oblong shape. 90-100 days from planting to harvest.
  • The Moon and Stars: The Moon and Stars variety of watermelon has been around since 1926. The rind is purple/black and has many small yellow circles (stars) and one or two large yellow circles (moon). 90 days from planting to harvest.
  • Cream of Saskatchewan: This variety consists of small round fruits, around 25 cm (10 inches) in diameter. It has a quite thin, light green with dark green striped rind, with sweet white flesh and black seeds. 80-85 days from planting to harvest.
  • Melitopolski: This variety has small round fruits roughly 28–30 cm (11–12 inches) in diameter. It is an early ripening variety and takes around 95 days from planting to harvest.
  • Densuke Watermelon: This variety has round fruit up to 25 lb (11 kg). The rind is black with no stripes or spots. It is only grown on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, where up to 10 000 watermelons are produced every year. In June 2008, one of the first harvested watermelons was sold at an auction for 650 000 yen (6300 USD), making the most expensive watermelon ever sold. The average selling price is generally around 25 000 yen (250 USD)


Type of Cuisine: Summer Fruit

Where did you have it: At home, picked from the grocery store

Vans 2009 Spring Watermelon

Vans 2009 Spring Watermelon

How much?: $0.49 / LB

Rate it 1 to 10 : A good watermelon is great and bad watermelon is awful…so get a good one and you’re on target for a 10 :)

What makes a bad watermelon? well if it’s grainy and tasteless, sometimes it’s too tart, those are characteristics of a bad watermelon for me.

A good watermelon should be crisp, crunchy, juicy, sweet but definitely crispy. Nothing worst than a grainy melon, no I didn’t say granny melons…I said GRAINY MELON…

I choose my watermelons by holding them up to my ear and tapping them, if you hear the sound rebounding like a drum, or a tight kind of sound, that should be a good melon. This hasn’t really failed me yet.

Good luck, enjoy those melons!

Pink & Yellow Watermelons

Pink & Yellow Watermelons

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