How To Grill A Steak On Your Stove Top!

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Grill Your Steak On A Stove Top Grill!

Why is it cool: This thing grills steaks on a stove top, that’s why!

Where can I get one:, Amazon, Sears, etc.

How much? About $100 to $150 bucks or in that range depending on availability.

Minden Master Indoor Grill

Minden Master Indoor Grill

Worthy / Not Worthy: I’d have to say it’s worthy, as it’s a healthy alternative to cooking on your stove top, no oil needed, grilling is always a great way to cook, doing so easily without a BBQ, well that’s just down right convenient.

Grilled Steak Indoors

Grilled Steak Indoors

According to the company that makes this item, The Minden Master Range Top Grill is the ultimate indoor grilling tool. (Yeah of course it is, also, everything I do is the best…just an FYI)

But seriously, they say the design allows for open-flame cooking while keeping the mess of barbecuing within the grill. Which is always a nice feature. The grill is obviously round and works on any standard, raised electric, gas or propane stove, except glass top stoves.

The grill has a round opening on the bottom that allows for the grill to sit over the burner to produce heat. The added heat shield helps to evenly cook the food and deflect grease that drops to prevent flair backs. As the fat drips off the meat it hits the shield and helps to evenly cook the food. There are silicon handles that are removable, which allows for easy cleaning. This item is also dishwasher safe, which I’m a big fan of ’cause I don’t like to do dishes manually…call it lazyness call it whatever, it is, what it is… This food gadget is supposed to mimics the performance of a real BBQ grill, therefore it should be be used on a range with good ventilation. Just another FYI.

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