Within Every Woman – The Documentary Film

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Bringing The Gap and Keeping Their Stories Alive

I came across the kickstarter for the documentary film,”Within Every Woman”, and it really inspired me. Besides the joy of food and cooking, history is another great passion of mine. I believe, that just like food, it connects people in a profound and layered way.

This documentary interviews the “comfort women” of WWII, some of the 2oo,ooo Asian women who had to endure sexual slavery during the war. I love the fact that they don’t sensationalize rape but focus on transmitting these women’s stories who are now our “grandmothers” and their healing process. I believe, just like the director, Tiffany Hsiung, that our mothers’ and grandmothers’ stories should be told and never be forgotten.

Cooking connects you to the previous generation and, we, at The Daily Eater, see ourselves as carriers of our culture and history, and our families’ personal stories through food. I hope you enjoy the clip. If you would to help Tiffany complete her work, click here and donate!

P.S. The last minute of the clip is about all the food they ate there. It looks so yummy!!

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