How to Choose the Right BBQ For You

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Trying to Choose the Right BBQ? Not Sure What you need? Read on!

Why is it cool: It’s beyond cool, I believe it’s necessary equipment for any kind of proper summer eating. In fact, I remember summers where no cooking happened indoors whatsoever, despite the rainy day scenario, and even in that case I remember going out in a hooded waterproof jacket and sweating my butt off near the heat of the BBQ and the waterproof material that didn’t breathe whatsoever. Another great positive aspect of BBQing is that it can be an extremely healthy & delicious way of cooking your food.

So how do you choose the right grill?

The first and probably easiest way to distinguish BBQ’s is in fuel type.

So what’s going to heat your grill? Well there are two main fuel types out there. One is the old school and classic Charcoal grill, this is also one of the most used types of fuels.

Another is propane, it’s a clean burning gas, and if your aim is to quickly cook foods while still maintaining a solid grilled flavor, this may be the grill type for you.

You see, there are two main problems with charcoal grills as far as I’m concerned.
Charcoal takes longer to heat up, and you can only really start grilling when the fire is out and the charcoal is red hot, this isn’t always easy or speediest way to grill. Charcoal fans are usually diehard and the reason is usually the flavour, there is undeniably an added level of complexion when grilled using charcoal.

There other downside to charcoal grills is the maintenance, they definitely need to be cleaned out more often and there is more involved in the cleaning process.

They both in the sizing department, because both Propane and Charcoal grills are useful for people living in small spaces since they can come in a wide range of sizes from small camping size to absolutely gargantuan.

There is also a third option if you’re lucky enough to have a gas line coming into your home.
Natural gas grills are a little more complicated then smaller grills, so they require more room. But they’re more of fixture of the home than just a swap in, swap out BBQ. Natural gas BBQ’s hook up directly to a home’s natural gas line, and usually has a higher BTU count, which means more power, which means it can cook meat in record time.

Smokers or a Smoker Grill are often used for slow cooking and when flavor is the number one priority. They also use wood or flavoured wood chips to slow cook your meat.

You heard me mention the often heard of but hardly understood BTU…what’s a BTU you ask? Well it’s simple…it’s a unit of measure in cooking power for grills. The more BTU’s the more cooking power you have, which means your grill will get hotter faster and maintain heat better when you open/close the lid, as well as when you add your meats to the grill. That’s right, adding meat to your grill DOES cool it down, it’s a normal reaction, except you can’t tell because the grill is still hot enough to burn you, so don’t try testing this theory. A good way to calculate your power output is to divide the number of BTU’s to the amount of square inches of cooking space, you’re looking to get around 100 BTU’s per Square Inch. Anything less and you’ll probably be lacking in power.

Just a few things to consider when looking for your grill, yes there are cheaper lower BTU grills out there but they won’t do the job, so just spend a little more and you will win in the long run.

Side bar: Last year I attended a BBQ,where the BBQ was electric and simply had not enough power to even heat the grill properly for 1 steak, never mind multiple pieces of meat. So BE WARY of low priced LOW BTU count GRILLS PLEASE!

How much? Prices range and are usually relative to quality and throughput, so you can find something for $100 to thousands of dollars, the reality is in the range of $300 to $600, you can easily find a BBQ that will be solid in every aspect AND last for many years if you take care of it properly.

The last BBQ I bought for my mom was 6 years ago, it cost $500 and it’s still going very strong. So don’t cheap out!

Worthy / Not Worthy: BBQ’s are the essential cooking tool of the summer. WORTHY WORTHY WORTHY! I can’t wait to fire mine up!

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