What To Do With Leftover Chicken: Make A Chicken Salad

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My Leftover Chicken Salad in a Sandwich

History: No real history here, at least that I’m aware of…but I’ve been putting day old shredded (torn off the bone) chicken in my salads for a long time and chopping and mixing them with mayo and seasonings and slapping them in between in a baguette or a couple pieces of toast bread  for a quick and tasty sandwich.

Why it’s awesome: It’s awesome because it’s ready in less than 10 minutes flat from the chopping of the chicken to the mixing of mayo and celery…don’t forget to use the inside of the celery (innermost stalks are more aromatic and therefore more flavorful, you can also use the leaves which are the most aromatic part of the whole celery)

Ingredients & Portions:

  • Day Old Chicken
  • Mayonnaise (I prefer home made with olive oil but a certain brand that has been blurred out is also a favorite of mine)
  • 1 or 2 celery stalks from the inside of the celery bunch

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