Grilled Cheese & Bacon French Toast Sandwich

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Another Hangover Cure For The Books

Type of Cuisine: Breakfast…errr…I think…or maybe it falls under the category of SUPERSNACK! I’ve officially coined that term, mark the place and time…

Where did you have it: I woke up Sunday morning trying to cure a hangover and decided…even though I went to a sugar shack the previous day…and ate takeout pizza the previous evening with some friends that I would use my newly acquired fresh maple syrup from Québec…from my visit to “À LA FEUILLE D’ÉRABLE MONT-SAINT-GRÉGOIRE”…which was great by the way…and I’ll be posting up something about that visit shortly.

How much?: Well considering the price of bacon nowadays ($5 bucks per package), plus a couple slices of bread, eggs ($ negligible), and some strong cheddar cheese ($ over priced at over $15 per kg) but no real choice here…unless you move to europe, where quailty is higher and prices are lower for this delicacy.

Rate it 1 to 10 : I have to say that for a first attempt, even though it’s a no-brainer when you have so many key (Read: fatty) ingredients coming together this came out great and is definitely a good remedy for a hangover, it’s got natural sugar, fat, protein and carbs to cure what ails ya! Of course that’s only IF your stomach is a flutter and you’re not bordering purge mode…

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