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Salvatore January 20, 2011 1

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Type of cuisine: What Grampa’s is exactly depends on the time of day. Go there in the early morning, and it’s a happening breakfast place that makes its own pancakes from scratch. Go there at lunch and you can get heaping deli sandwiches. Go for dinner, and you can get an awesome lamb shank. Plus, it’s also a fully functional bakery, pumping out solid pastries, cakes and danish. What more can you ask for?

Our visit was late in the morning, which meant that we saw people next to us eating early lunches. This didn’t stop the waitress from giving us two large plates of freshly baked danishes. These were free (they’re given to every table) and delicious, so much so, that when the waitress came to take our order, we said, “We’ll just have these.” She wasn’t amused. The place was recently featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and that has no doubt bumped up the amount of people using this same line .

We eventually had the Grampa’s special, which is pancakes, two eggs and a choice between bacon or sausage. The aforementioned pancakes were fluffy, soft and very tasty.

Where did you have it? Dania Beach Florida, which is roughly a five to ten minute drive from Hollywood Beach and downtown Hollywood. Like a lot of other things in South Florida that are not near the beach, it’s in a nondescript strip mall (which isn’t even facing the street), so it’s easy to miss. A good landmark, though, is the flashy sign for Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant half a block away.

17 Southwest 1st Street
Dania Beach, FL 33004-3660, United States
(954) 923-2163

How much? We paid $35 for four breakfasts and four coffees.

Rating on 10: 7.5
At their prices, and with so much variety, it’s hard to beat Grampa’s. Of course, you can get eggs pretty much anywhere, but it’s things like the free danish that give it that extra something.

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