The Stem Gem Strawberry Head Killer

Salvatore January 18, 2011 1

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The Stem Gem Strawberry Head Killer

Why is it cool? Because it looks like a medieval torture device (but in the shape of a strawberry, for added menace) and it makes beheading strawberries effortless (those strawberries need to be taken down a peg every now and again). The Stem Gem uses a push button mechanism that unleashes the claw, which mutilates and destroys any strawberry stems in its path. Awesome. It’s also dishwasher safe.

Generally I would be opposed to things you can do with a simple knife, but I think this has some value. Not only can it open up the possibility for things like strawberries and cream, and strawberries and chocolate, it can also be useful with tomatoes and salads.

Where can I get one? You can order one on Amazon.

How much? $8.82 according to Amazon (you save $0.17!)

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  1. Lus January 24, 2011 at 11:15 am -

    just saw an episode of dragon’s den Canada and some guy spent 7 years developing a similar product and also sold his house to finance the next stages of the product release and production…he should have google it first I guess….:S

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