What Happened To Good Old HOT BBQ Flavoured Chips?

Lus November 26, 2010 2

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“BBQ Flavoured” Used to mean HOT…now it means sweet :(

Type of Cuisine: This problem…and it is DEFINITELY a problem…has affected all manner of items, mostly store bought of course, which include chips, peanuts, sauces, if you want something hot nowadays you have to go for the TABASCO or Crazy Jerry’s Stupid Insanity Workout Hot

Tabasco By The Gallon!

Tabasco By The Gallon!

Sauce or some other kind of SUPER hot sauce to get a tingle on your tongue…I don’t know if I’m the only one that’s noticed this but I find it very annoying and very frustrating that biting into a bag of BBQ chips is like like eating a salty sweet treat, or even smoked mesquite instead of the salty tongue and mouth burning experience…it used to mean “hey watch out kid, get your glass of water ready ’cause it’s gonna be hot!“, now it means something entirely different…something entirely less relevant…I do realize I’m talking about chips here…doesn’t mean it can’t make me sad…

Where did you have it: The spicy BBQ chips of yesteryear were everywhere, and could be bought from any company, LAY’S, FRITOS, RUFFLES, YUM, NO Name brands that used to come in double clear cellophane  bags…man those were good…now these companies churn out a second rate sweet BBQ flavour or “Mesquite” like it’s good on anything other than ribs or some kind of meat…these brands and new flavours make me long for the days of my chip eating youth…

Not to say there’s something wrong with these new flavours but really, all I want when I see BBQ chip is a HOT CHIP! NOT SOMETHING FLAVOURED LIKE A PIECE OF WOOD WITH SUGAR MIXED IN!

Real BBQ Ribs: Not CHIP Flavoured BBQ Ribs DAMMIT!

Real BBQ Ribs: Not CHIP Flavoured BBQ Ribs DAMMIT!

YumYum BBQ Chips: Maybe the Last True BBQ Chip

YumYum BBQ Chips: Maybe the Last True BBQ Chip

How much?: Nowadays a decent bag of chips will cost you about $3 to $4, most of that is in the packaging of course and manufacturing…really there’s about 2 potatoes worth of food in a bag of chips if you’re lucky and you can buy a 5lb bag for less than $2…that’s if you buy in small quantities so do the math…someone’s getting rich and producing a less attractive product…for me anyway…

Rate it 1 to 10 : Today’s BBQ chips get a 3 on my scale of junk food CRAVE factor…maybe I’m being harsh but that’s my opinion and that’s all I have to say about that!

Chips of yesteryear get a 9.5 for HOTNESS and CRAVE factor! BOUYA! Oh I miss those chips….


  1. jamie reynolds June 4, 2011 at 10:26 pm -

    Man i totally know what your saying, humpty dumpty used to make your mouth feel like it was on fire lol. When it had the picture on the bag; of an open bbq pit, and the company was still located in Maine not canada. Also the chips were far less salty. So im 22, and I can proudly say as a child I do remember the good old days when the BBQ chips were HOT; and not Salty and sweet. Miss it.

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