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Salvatore November 25, 2010 0

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Flu Forces Turkey Quarantine

A turkey farm just outside Winnipeg has been put under quarantine by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, after several birds tested positive for H5 avian influenza. This is the first outbreak of its kind in the province of Manitoba. Apparently, the outbreak does not pose any risk to humans.

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China Wants More Crops to Ease Food Prices

China’s government is urging farmers to plant and produce many more vegetables. The plan is to tackle a main cause of the recent surge in food prices, officials are saying.


Study Identifies Foods that Promote Weight Maintenance

European researchers have discovered that foods high in protein and low on the glycemic index (like poultry, eggs, fish and nuts) can help people maintain their weight. This is especially important for people with yo-yoing weight (looking at you Oprah).


April Bloomfield, the Burger Queen

The New Yorker’s food issue is out, and the mag has a great profile of chef April Bloomfield, the burger queen behind NYC’s gastropub revolution.

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