Le Pick Up Depanneur: Get your Cigs, Beer and An Awesome Meal

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Le Pick Up Depanneur: Not Your Average Dep

Type of Cuisine: Diner Food

Where Did You Have It: 7032 Waverly, Mtl, Qc.

How Much: Everything is under $8. A club sandwich is $7.00; a cheeseburger is $4.25; a green salad is $5.75. Prices can be checked out here.

Rate From 1 to 10: I would rate Le Pick Up a 9 out of a possible 10.

Veggie Burger Fit For A President

The Awesome Veg Burger

I am not a fan of hipsters. Especially hipsters who are hipsters because it’s the cool thing to be right now. And they would never admit to being hipsters either because that’s not cool either. They are usually spotted on the Plateau questioning their sexuality and looking for the next cool bar to be seen in.

But there are people who were hipsters (I wouldn’t even call them that cause it has such a negative connotation) that were hipsters before the trend arose and that will remain that way after the fad dies. And they run my favorite sandwich spot in Montreal, Le Pick Up Depanneur. Tucked away in the heart of Little Italy, it’s a convenience store that doubles as a dive. You can get your basic necessities, they offer a selection artisanal products, and the music is always great there. Most importantly though is that they offer some of the best grub in town.

My favorite dish at Le Pick Up is the Chipotle Club. It’s your classic club with big chunks of chicken, tomatoes, lettuce and bacon but the twist comes in the mayo. Chipotle mayo is served in many burger joints but it’s never spicy enough for me. Le Pick Up doesn’t do me wrong in that perspective. My lips are always tingling when my plate is empty.

My boyfriend loves the Veg burger. When we first tried ordered it, we were very sceptical because we have often been disappointed with vegetarian burgers. But one taste of this burger and there was no looking back. The patty was juicy and tasty. We actually thought it was meat for a minute!

These are only two of our favorite meals. Le Pick Up offers an awesome Steak Sub and Pulled Pork sandwich. We have yet to taste the vegetarian Pulled Pork sandwich but it’s next on our list. The burgers are great and the soups are wholesome and hearty. Their breakfasts are still unconquered territory for us seeing as we never get up early enough to enjoy them.

And most importantly for me, what makes a place even greater than it can be, is good coffee. And their coffee is phenomenal, courtesy of Cafe Union, Montreal’s finest coffee supplier.

The lovely individuals that run Le Pick Up are doing a great job and I will never discriminate against hipsters again. Unless they will on the Plateau.

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  1. Boots July 14, 2010 at 10:42 am -

    The Grilled Haloum Sandwich is to die for.

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