News Round Up.

Salvatore June 3, 2010 0

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Here’s a quick round-up of the some of the tastiest bits of food news today. Please enjoy responsibly.

  1. Canada’s Olympic athletes weren’t the only ones who had a good showing during the 2010 games. Vancouver’s restaurants pulled in record profits.
  2. A British food minister believes that the U.K. cheese industry should increase exports.
  3. Numerous companies in the U.S. are doing their bit in the nationwide battle of the bugle: they’re offering incentives to employees who lose weight.
  4. Ready for the next (potential) health food? It’s everyone’s favorite: CHOCOLATE!.
  5. The environmental impact of meat has been covered to death, but what about eggs? Slate investigates.
  6. And finally, BBC News takes a closer look at Malaysia’s outdoor food stalls.

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